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Dental Services For Students At The University Of Alberta

In Canada, people of all ages have access to public health care. However, not all services are covered under this plan. Some treatments, such as dental care, fall outside of that coverage.

At our U of A dental office, we offer affordable and accessible treatments for undergraduates and graduates. But as a student, you might be wondering what is covered under your plan.

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SU Health and Dental Plan

To help University of Alberta undergraduate students pay for the health services they need, the SU has partnered with Studentcare in order to provide students with extended health and dental coverage.

UofA Dental Benefits

The Studentcare Dental Network is comprised of dental practitioners conveniently located in your area and other regions of Canada. Their commitment to helping students provides you with the option of paying less for dental services.

UofA Graduate Students' Association

Dental Plans for Students

The U of A Health and Dental Plan applies to undergraduates and graduates, but there are a few differences in what’s covered. We’re going to explain the details of each plan here:


You’re just starting out in University, and it’s tough to manage the costs of health care. With the SU Health and Dental Plan, being able to afford those expenses is a lot easier.

Who is Covered?

To be eligible for this coverage, you need:

  • To pay SU fees
  • Enrol in a minimum of 3 credit hours in the Fall or Winter term
  • To be an undergraduate at the U of A

If you meet all of these qualifications, you will automatically be covered by this plan.

What is Covered?

This plan aims to cover expenses that fall outside of basic insurance. As far as dental care goes, the insurance pays for treatments like fillings, check-ups, extractions, cleanings, periodontics, endodontics, and more. You can receive up to $650 in dental care coverage per year.

In terms of other services, you’ll also have coverage for eye exams, prescription drugs, travel interruption, dental accidents, and more.

The cost of the plan itself will vary based on whether you are a Fall term student or a new Winter term student.

Have More Questions?

Are you thinking about changing your coverage, or looking for ways to maximize your savings?
You can view more details about the SU Health and Dental Plan here.


You’ve spent a few years at the university, and you’re ready to specialize in your studies. How does your health care coverage change once you become a graduate? Here’s what your U of A dental plan looks like once you finish your undergrad:

Who is Covered?

Any student who is pursuing graduate studies at the U of A is eligible for this coverage. This Plan provides coverage for most health services that fall outside of the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

What is Covered?

You can keep your oral health in top shape with $650 in dental care coverage. By visiting a StudentCare Dental Network member, you can get up to 30% more off of your expenses. You can visit our U of A dental clinic to take advantage of this deal.

Have More Questions?

For more information about dental coverage for graduates, you can visit this dental coverage page for graduates.

Claims and Billing

To make payments easier, we offer direct billing to the StudentCare Dental Network. We can also divide your bill into more manageable amounts by using a payment plan.

Alberta Student Union

The Student Union protects the rights of undergraduates and graduates. For more information about the Alberta Student Union, you can visit their official website.


Your healthcare needs are covered under the U of A Health and Dental plan offered by StudentCare. We offer direct billing to the StudentCare Dental Network.